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Introducing the most comprehensive SBAC analysis in existence.

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Improve the PLC Process with...

Pre-built Reports

All official reports are already built and ready to go.  No data-sharing required. 

Get to know the story behind the numbers.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Reports for ELA and Math.

Overall Results

For English & Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

Grade-Level Breakdown

Analyze grade-level performance on the most recent test. Observe change over multiple years.

Cohort Analysis

See how a cohort of students performed over a span of 4 years

4-Year Trend Analysis

Monitor your school's goal of continuous improvement by looking at trend data. See if your school is pushing more students into the Met or Exceeded categories.

Claim Area Analysis

Dive deeper to uncover areas of strength and weakness. Identify high performing grade levels and provide support to grade levels that may need extra help.

Datazelle Saves You Time

Spend less time chasing down the data you need. We'll run the numbers so that you can spend more time on strategic planning.

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